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nanofiber chromatography for downstream performance.

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Introducing ampSTREAM, the first nanofiber IEX chromatography membrane delivering enhanced purification yields for advanced therapies while increasing speed of production by >10x.

Early access 0.1mL capsules are available now in four different ion exchange chemistries.


ampSTREAM™ 0.1mL capsule


  • Designed for screening, proof of concept, methods optimization
  • Single-use & multiple-use


  • Strong anion exchange: Q (quaternary amine)
  • Weak anion exchange: DEAE (diethylethanolamine)
  • Strong cation exchange: S (sulphonic)
  • Weak cation exchange: CM (carboxy methyl)

Nanofiber Membrane

  • Electrospun cellulose nanofibers
  • Average effective pore size: ~1.5µm (0.5-2.0µm range)


  • Polypropylene
  • Membrane volume: 0.1mL
  • Max operating pressure: 4 bar


  • Certificate of testing
  • Binding capacity and pressure-flow release specifications

Additional Details

  • Shipping/storage solution: 20% EtOH
  • Cleaning solutions: NaOH, NaCl
  • Storage temperate: ambient
  • Connections: luer lock; M6 adapters shipped with each capsule

ampSTREAM 0.1mL Q

1.0M NaOH stability study

Delta pressure and overlay of break through curves at 1.5s residence time


250 mgs/mL BSA capacity and max operating pressure <1 bar


  1. BSA (2 g/L)was loaded onto an ampSTREAM Q capsule at 4mls/min (1.5 second residence time)
  2. The capsule was stripped with 2M NaCl and held in 1.0M NaOH for 1 hour
  3. Capsule was re-equilibrated prior to the next load
  4. Steps 1-3 were performed 8 times on the same ampSTREAM 0.1mL Q capsule measuring maximum pre column pressure and 10% breakthrough capacity.
  5. A final 17 hour hold with 1.0M NaOH was performed and then steps 1-3 were again performed


Binding capacity, shape of the breakthrough curve and pressure flow performance were maintained after a total of 25hrs of 1.0M NaOH exposure.

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