About Us

Pioneering Nanofiber Chromatography

Since 2019, the Nanopareil team has been working to deliver innovative, functionalized nanofiber chromatography technology for advanced gene therapies. The legacy Nanopareil nanofiber chromatography technology was designed with a large open pore structure for high absorptive capacity and uniform flow distribution to enable functional improvements versus resin-based purification methods. The technology has since been optimized to provide a platform technology for downstream processing.

In late 2020, Gamma Biosciences acquired the technology to focus on industrialization. This partnership, including alignment with Gamma portfolio company, Astrea Bioseparations, has been a strong complement as we collaborate to develop affinity nanofiber products to bring a paradigm shift in the world of downstream chromatography.

Mission & Vision

We are scientists, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals who know we can do better than the status quo.

We are driven by a mission to create chromatography products uniquely suited for purifying gene therapy biomolecules by delivering higher binding capacities, faster throughput, and lower cost of goods vs. traditional resin-based chromatography.

Our vision is to industrialize an enabling nanofiber chromatography platform that helps to realize reliable, affordable production of the next generation of biopharmaceuticals.

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