Pioneering nanofiber chromatography

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More product purified per hour versus chromatography resins

Nanopareil’s unique nanofiber membrane provides vast surface area with an open pore structure ideal for overcoming bottlenecks in downstream chromatography. These attributes enable orders of magnitude improvement in:

  • Capacity
  • Throughput / cycle time
  • Waste reduction

Superior attributes for gene therapy purification

Open Pores

Instant Diffusion

High Capacity


Driven by a mission to create chromatography products uniquely suited for purifying gene therapy modalities

Next generation chromatography solutions are needed to overcome the poor binding capacities, slow cycle times and high costs of using resin-based technologies for purifying viral vectors, exosomes, and DNA/RNA.

Nanopareil is commercializing high performance nanofiber chromatography solutions enabling our end users to develop higher quality lower cost therapeutics, and vaccines for the global population.

About the Tech

Downsize your chromatography process and increase production

Eliminate oversized columns packed with expensive resins.
Nanopareil modules less than half the volumetric size deliver significant productivity improvements with lower COGs and reduced waste.